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23.02.2007: Alarm box for SELO-locks available

For lock models SELO-B, SELO-BR, SELO-C and SELO-D three versions of the alarm box are now available:

1. Alarm box, version with silent alarm

2. Alarm box, version with remote blocking

3. Alarm box, version with silent alarm and remote blocking

After plugging-in the alarm box, the lock electronics automatically recognises the alarm box and releases the associated function(s). The silent alarm is released immediately after entering an alarm code. In order to turn any of the stored user codes into an alarm code, all you have to do is numerically increase the last digit of a code by “1". The alarm is released invisibly and regardless of subsequent display messages, such as "REMOTE BLOCKING ACTIVATED” or "BLOCKED BY THE TIMER FUNCTION", and regardless of a subsequently entered opening delay.

For example, if the bank manager is set up in the lock as a co-administrator (authorisation level "ADMI"), his operations are governed by the pre-set time fuctions, e.g. opening delay, access timer, blocked calendar periods (e.g. no opening at weekends or at nights) - the same as any normal user.

Should he or any of the normal users be forced by an intruder to unblock a lock with an opening delay, he can enter his alarm code - which will invisibly release the alarm- and the opening delay will run to the end of the set time period with the countdown is shown on the display. At this point the alarm recipient can manually release the remote blocking signal (in the case of the alarm system, this action can be automated). After the opening delay has elapsed, the user has to enter his code a second time, which will then cause the message "REMOTE BLOCKING ACTIVATED" to appear on the display. The user cannot open the lock, the messages are easily understood by anybody, villain or otherwise, and time has been gained for the police to be called to the scene.

To be able to use one of the three alarm box versions, the lock module must be equipped with the option "prepared for connection to a SELO alarm box".

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