Stand: 18.04.2018

Series SELO

Series SELO

All lock models included in the SELO series are designed in compliance with VdS-specifications and their security features range from the lowest -1(A) - to the highest -4(D) – classes. This means that all requirements for VdS-approved safes in accordance with European standard EN 1143-1 with a resistance grade from I through XIII can be realized with a SELO lock in the same basic design. In General the locks can also be used for special doors for rooms.

Authorization to open a SELO locks can be assigned to several operators at a time who are each given their own access code. At least one user has to be granted the level of authority of a system administrator and is then capable of changing the various lock parameters, and add or subtract the access slots for the other users. The maximum number of possible users depends on the type of SELO lock and ranges from 9 to 40 users.

The much improved communication between lock and user is one of the main characteristics of this lock series. For our new SELO locks we have used different means of indicating the lock condition and the anticipated next entries indicated by the lock. Communication has been improved to a degree that by far exceeds the extent achieved on high-security locks thus far.

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