Stand: 25.05.2018


Means of protecting money used so far

1. Gas sensors installed inside a safe unit signal the dangerous situation to an alarm system as soon as the explosive gas mixture is fed into the ATM. more »
2. Gas sensors installed inside the safe unit trigger a gas extinguishing system. more »
3. The explosion is used to trigger a dye spraying device which marks money bills with a splashes of paint and thus makes them unfit for use. more »
4. Additional internal doors or barriers to fortify the safe unit of the ATM.  more »

New solution

Energy-absorbing module (EAM)

To protect the money itself AND the area surrounding the ATM

To upgrade an ATM, „energy-absorbing modules“ (EAM) have to be fitted to a free space on the inside of the safe unit. VdS approved Energy-absorbing modules developed by SECU Sicherheitsprodukte GmbH are designed to reduce the destructive effect of a gas explosion inside the safe unit to such an extent that the blast normally will not be strong enough to open the safe door. The monoplane modules are filled with a special substance capable of absorbing most of the pressure energy released by the gas explosion, and of counteracting the effects of the opening pressure acting on the safe door from inside, which is often in excess of 100 tons compressive force. Energy-absorbing modules work passively, i.e. by their presence alone. They neither have to be energized, nor do they require any maintenance.

Application – for fitting on newly built ATMs:
  • ATM manufacturers can fit their newly built products with the modules as part of the manufacturing process.
Application – for retrofitting on existing ATMs:
  • Many existing ATM models being used by financial institutions and savings banks are suitable for retrofitting by any duly authorized service company. The cost depends on the model and on the installation expenditure, and amounts to approximately 2 to 8 % of the price of a new ATM.

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