Assembly and handling: Easy and more than convenient

The electronic controlled cylinder replaces the mechanical profile cylinder and is easily mountable with only a few quick movements. Different closing and opening functions make the access to and in your home safe and comfortable at the same time.

  • Open your door practically and mobile via App on your smartphone. (For all secuENTRY and secuENTRY easy products)
  • From now on, only carry a small passive transponder with you: Held before the lock, it unlocks the electronic cylinder.
  • You do not want to carry around an inconvenient key anymore? Then again, BURG-WÄCHTER has the right solution. Get access to your home or apartment with a 6-digit, individually programmable code. Further create temporary codes for instance to grant access to neighbours when you are on vacation.
  • The model with finger print scan offers an even more convenient access. Simply programme one finger in advance and quickly grant yourself access with only a small movement over the sensor.

Security was never this easy!

Please contact us for any further Information if you're a service provider in the Banking sector. For all other branches please contact Burg-Wächter.